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Big Air Diving:  

Big Air is the long jump into pool equivalent for canine athletes. At speeds over 20 mph; these dogs catapult themselves off the end of a 24-foot dock into a body of water to retrieve their favorite toy.  Jump distances are measured from the end of the dock to where the base of the dogs’ tail breaks the water. The current record stands at 31 feet. 

Extreme Vertical Jumping:

Extreme vertical is a high jump contest in which the dog launches upward, nearly seven feet in the air, to quench his instinctual desire to play fetch in its most extreme form.  Rather than clearing a cross bar as in track and field, the dogs must knock down a bumper which is suspended over the water and is positioned eight feet out from the end of the dock.  The current world record is 8 feet 10 inches.

Speed Retrieve: 

Speed Retrieve is the sprint for dogs. A bumper is hung at the end of the pool, 2 inches from the surface of the water. The dog then runs 24 feet along the dock, jumps in the water and swims to the bumper. The dog is timed from the time he starts their run on the dock until they completely grab the bumper from the rig.
World Record is 4.4442 sec.

Meet Dillon a 4 year old yellow lab, owned by April Reish of Etters . After winning the Spartan Iron Dog title in Canada on July 3, 2016 , Dillon was invited to compete in the World Dock Diving Competition in October, 2016. Dillon currently competed in the world competition and finished No.# 1 in the World for yellow labs.  Congrats to Dillon and April!!!!! Jen Doub is the owner of Ruger, who recently competed in world competition and in 2016 finished 2nd in his class.   Congrats to Jen and Ruger!!!!


Gabe in Action

Travis and Dillion competing at the World Pet Expo in Md. The top 3 Extreme Vertical dogs of the event all started and practice EV with us at the Canine Spa.