Indoor Dog Swimming at its Finest!

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Welcome to Canine Spa!

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We play!

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We swim!

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We love it here!

It's not gone - just taking a break while we "pretty up the pool!"  Dock Diving will be scheduled at a later date.  Check here for future announcements!

Please note that the Canine Spa will be CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS from October 21 to October 31, 2019.  We will be draining and painting the pool.  Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep the pool in good working order for your pet's enjoyment!

NEW!  The Canine Spa now has surveillance cameras for your protection and security.

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Fun Swimming

We offer swimming for recreational purposes (exercise, interaction with other dogs, and playtime); therapeutic reasons (rehab from surgery, arthritis); and for weight loss.  Enjoy special time with your beloved pet in our facility!

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Therapy Swimming

We offer rehabilitation therapy for injured dogs or those recovering from surgery; aerobic conditioning, or weight loss!

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Dock Diving

Whether it's Big Air Diving or Extreme Vertical Jumping.

Gabe in Action

Travis and Dillion competing at the World Pet Expo in Md. The top 3 Extreme Vertical dogs of the event all started and practice EV with us at the Canine Spa.

Kevin brings Parker to the Canine Spa for therapy swimming and exercise a couple times a week. Parker always gets excited when he knows he’s coming. He can’t wait to get in the pool and play fetch with his favorite bumper. Parker can safely get in and out of the pool because we have no steps. He even looks forward to his nice warm bath before he heads home.